5 star review  Awsome service all around! Very reasonable and prompt service. Quality work. Feels like I have a new phone! Will use again in the future for any devise issues. Thanks.

    thumb Brandon Whitt

    5 star review  Absolutely great service. Took my phone in for some weird water damage and they were able to take care of me and I didn't have to buy a new phone!

    thumb Samuel Ryan

    5 star review  The service was fast and fantastic he did a good job on the ipod

    thumb Brian Pattee

    5 star review  Nice people, quick and helpful service. Would go back again and recommend to others for sure.

    thumb Jake Pickett
  • You get what you pay for. Sometimes $10 more is worth it!! Had a young lady bring her phone in because she couldn’t get her mute switch to “un-mute”. Opened it up to see if maybe it was just the switch and not full flex and this is what we see!! After discussing more with the young lady she had a shop across town change her battery because he was “having a deal”. When she had called him to see if he’d fix the issue he told her it couldn’t be fixed!!!
  • GTS Repairs has phones for sale and options to have pre paid accounts for anyone. Great starter services for new and seasoned phone users who don’t want a contract or bills for a phone! visitgts.com or call 333-9300.
  • Have you waited in line for the newest, latest-greatest? GTS Repairs has Apple and Android phones ready to walk out the door! Right now we are taking $30 off any phone, iPad or tablet from our cases- limited time offer. Come see us or visit our website - visitgts.com or call 260 333-9300.
  • Today or tomorrow come get this Note 5 w/ 25 days of unlimited Page Plus service! $280 takes it home today. Call us to reserve it! We only have 1 for everyone
  • Try again! That’s what happen when your boss is OCD! 😜 *if you have a device that your not sure if it can be repaired call us or visit our website!!! visitgts.com, our website gives parts and prices that are available for repairs. Call us if you’d rather or you have further questions. 260 333-9300. #secondtry @jeremy.goldy @michaelscotty @jocelyn.andrews
  • Again, GTS has the best customers!! We try to help anyone who needs help, even if it is silly. We all have those moments or we have family members that have those moments. If you know anyone who is having issues with or using their device, do not hesitate to call or come in, we’ll try to help!!! 260 333-9300. VisitGTS.com @michaelscotty @jocelyn.andrews @jeremy.goldy @amstutzmelisaa_ #shoplocal #goodguys #mobiledevices
  • Thank you to everyone that said a prayer for my Mother! Thank you to all who have been understanding for mine and Jeremy’s time out of the shop. We are back on our regular schedule and while we have great employees that stepped up when it was needed we never want to leave anyone “high and dry”. -Ally. ❤️ #familyfirst #greatcustomers @jeremy.goldy @jocelyn.andrews @jocelyn.andrews @michaelscotty @mypcguy
  • GTS Repairs offers several different plan options, some as low as $25 a month! Call or come see us here at the shop- 4734 Parnell Ave. @amstutzmelisaa_ @jocelyn.andrews @jeremy.goldy @theallypearl
  • Sunny spring breakers bring some sunshine home for us here in the Fort!! Shop will be open tomorrow -Saturday 4/7. Come see @jeremy.goldy and Mike! We have Android and Apple phones for you to purchase! We also offer Net10, SimpleMobie and PagePlus if your tired of paying crazy cell bills! @jocelyn.andrews @amstutzmelisaa_
  • We have all the used phones you could ask for! New devices arriving daily.
  • Help us help the NHBA! Please consider a donation for these kids!! Campaign link gf.me/u/hqca8c
  • We will be closed this Saturday 3-17-2018. Back in on Monday! @jeremy.goldy @jocelyn.andrews @amstutzmelisaa_ @theallypearl
  • When your kid decides to destroy his iPhone 6s+ because he already broke his screen, bring it to us to bring back to life!! Have a great weekend!! We will be in tomorrow, Saturday 3/3/18! 10-3. 😫🤢😉 @amstutzmelisaa_ @jocelyn.andrews @jeremy.goldy
  • All kinds of new and used devices at GTS! Come see us and get a great deal on some new cell phones and tablets
  • Got some Androids added to the case of Apples here at GTS! S8+, a few S7,S7edge, S6’s. We even have a Samsung Galaxy Prime -Internationally unlocked! Come see us at GTS or call 333-9300! @jeremy.goldy @jocelyn.andrews @amstutzmelisaa_
  • GTS Repairs will be closed tomorrow, Saturday February 24,2018. We are enjoying some family time:). @jeremy.goldy @jocelyn.andrews @amstutzmelisaa_
  • Phone Killers!!!! If you use one and having battery or charging issues afterwards come see us at GTS Repairs!!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!! Whether you are an Android lover or an Apple lover you are a Lover! 😜Come see us at GTS Repairs if you or your loves’ phone or tablet needs attention! Ask for the Valentine special!!! @amstutzmelisaa_ @jocelyn.andrews @jeremy.goldy
  • Happy Snow Day!!!
  • Galaxy S8+ Unlocked! This is near mint condition!