Schedule your appointment online or by sending us a message and save $10!


Schedule your appointment online or by sending us a message and save $10!

    5 star review  Jeremy is the best. Fixed my Samsung Galaxy S3 quickly and for less than the cost of my deductible on the inside through my carrier. I highly recommend GTS!

    thumb Dean Ehle

    5 star review  Even though my early IPad had some problem with blacking out all the time,GTS did a great job of restoring it and saving all my family photos! Thanks ! Quick and surprisingly not too expensive!

    thumb Dave Myers

    5 star review  Would definitely recommend them they fixed my phone and went above and beyond to make things right for me.

    thumb Jeff Heck

    5 star review  Had cracked screen on iPhone 6+ and they got me in same day. They even did in store and didn't ship off to apple like the other places do. Only 30-45 min for whole process, highly recommend

    thumb Anton Babich

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Welcome to the Goldy Tech Specialists blog!

Welcome to the blog for Goldy Tech Specialists! We will be sharing articles and videos on the latest tips and trends in the mobile tech world. You will get to know a bit about us, the products and services we offer, and how we can help you get the most out of your...

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New iPhone? Sell us your old one!

Apple's new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are going on pre-order today, and will begin shipping next week. The more affordable iPhone XR is just around the corner with pre-orders beginning October 19th, and shipping on October 26th. Now is the perfect time to sell your...

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  • Happy birthday to one of our own!! Master Tech Mike turns 23 today! Wish him a happy birthday if ya see him. ❤️
  • This picture has been through all of our “repair friends” pages. We here at GTS haven’t had any phones in this situation, however we have had some really busted up phones from domestic fights!! Hahaha #phonerepairs #crazymen #crazywomen
  • @egill33 these are the colors we have in stock. $59.99+tax for whole phone. 29.99 for front and $39.99 for back only.
  • Jeremy’s new phone is now completely covered with Protection Pro. Aka Clearplex! You can’t see the protection on the front! We also applied liquid glass with the Protection Pro to give the $100 insurance Incase of a break.
  • slapped some Red Carbon fiber Protection Pro on the new iPhone XS
  • It’s that easy now! GTS Repairs got a new toy!! We don’t have to open your phone anymore to determine if your battery is the problem! We are still matching Apples prices on batteries at this point. Call or come see us!!
  • Christmas is a coming!! Have you started shopping yet?? Can you purchase gifts this early and keep the secret? Come see us if you have someone you shop for that has an Apple Watch on their list.
  • Continual thoughts and prayers for all involved with 9/11/01.
  • Friday Night lights! Gooo Bulldogs! Good luck to all involved- Coaches, Marching Band, Cheerleaders, and Volunteers. Wish the best to all this season! If you fumble your phone or tablet and need it fixed come see us at GTS Repairs!!
  • Summer is winding down and school is right around the corner!!! It would be a good time to get your tablet/ipad/phones repaired while school is in!!
  • Words to the wise: Backups and remember passwords!! Doesn’t matter which phone/device you have do routine back ups and write down passwords and keep them in a safe place!!!! If you don’t know how to do that come see us here at GTS Repairs 4734 Parnell Ave. FW 46825.
  • ❤️ Check us out!
  • Great day here at GTS! Welcome Clayton G. To GTS family. Clayton is interesting in Repairs and computer engineering. Clayton will be with us for a few days to observe and see what it’s all about!! #greatkid #gonnadogreatthings.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring your phone or iPad/tablet in to have fixed today, this guy has already been in and gone! Happy Friday! Friday the 13th that is!!! Hehehehe.
  • Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Hopefully everyone’s phone stayed dry! Pool parties claim phones left and right! PLEASE pass the word - RICE does nothing for wet electronics! Turn it off, leave it alone and get it to someone who can open it up to make sure it is completely dried out!
  • GTS Repairs will give cash for this phone or and identical phone. No questions asked. Bring to the shop or call 333-9300 I will meet at a public location of your choice with the cash. Please
  • we will be closed for 1 day this week to enjoy time with family and friends! We will be back Thursday!! #godblessamerica🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Series 3 Apple watches here for you! Come see us!! 4734 Parnell Ave. FW
  • You get what you pay for. Sometimes $10 more is worth it!! Had a young lady bring her phone in because she couldn’t get her mute switch to “un-mute”. Opened it up to see if maybe it was just the switch and not full flex and this is what we see!! After discussing more with the young lady she had a shop across town change her battery because he was “having a deal”. When she had called him to see if he’d fix the issue he told her it couldn’t be fixed!!!

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